Navigating the Financial Landscape

Equity and Financial Assessment

Homeowners seeking a mortgage are encouraged to complete the Equity and Financial Assessment form below, facilitating a thorough evaluation of their financial standing and ensuring a smooth application process.

Do you have a liquid emergency fund?
Do you have 3-6 months living expenses in savings?
Do you have life insurance? If yes, is it term or whole life?
Do you have disability insurance?
Do you have feel like you save enough for retirement?
Do you use a Roth or Traditional IRA?
Do you have a 401k?
Are you interested in learning more about real estate investment?
Do you have a Will or Trust?
Do you have a Durable POA?
Do you have a Health Care Proxy?
On a scale from 1-10, (1=poor, 10=excellent) how would you rate your: