Is FHA Dead?

why FHA is an amazing product for clients Is FHA DEAD? With so much hoopla surrounding changes “made” to FHA over the last few months, I want to touch on a few items before I address other misconceptions. The FHA loan is a loan that you get from a mortgage lender that...

Should I pay my mortgage off early?

Considering the factors and what is best for you. Should I pay my mortgage off early? At the very beginning of the Covid -19 pandemic rates went drastically down based on the uncertainty in the global financial markets.  This had a harrowing effect on lenders, the...

How Covid -19 has impacted mortgage markets

This is an excerpt from MBS Highway and market expert Barry and Dan Habib. How Covid-19 has impacted mortgage markets This is an extremely extensive overview on how the mortgage market works and all of the issues that Covid – 19 has had on the industry. The current...

4 Predictions for Real Estate in 2019

What will 2019 bring? What will rates do? Will home values go up or down? 4 Predictions for Real Estate in 2019 I anticipate a lot of the current trends to carry over into 2019.  Here are the top 4 things to expect: ONE. The winter months typically see a rise in home...

November market update

We are headed into the colder part of the year, the kids are back in school, and the holidays will soon be upon us.  If you watch the news they will tell you that housing inventory is back up and the market is turning to be more buyer friendly.  That’s always followed...

Tips for your home before winter

Even though we are still enjoying a few nice Autumn days, we all know that the weather in New England can change in a flash.  I feel like the hardest season to be a homeowner is winter.  It’s a constant battle against the damage that ice, cold, and snow can cause....

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